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The biggest mistake I see while teaching a putting lesson or watching amateur golf is poor alignment.  Most golfers will line up their body to the hole and get in position before they line up the putter face.  When they finally set up the blade of the putter it is most likely pointed to the right of the target. The player will have to manipulate the putter to be positioned at the target, which will create a poor putting stroke.

Next time you’re out, try lining up your putter blade first. Make sure it is pointed directly at your target, then set up your body in a square position to your putter blade.  This will allow you to make more consistent and accurate putting strokes.


Take an open stance, move your weight forward to the front foot and dig your feet into the sand for balance.  Keeping your legs quiet, swing the club along the line of your feet and body.  Accelerate the club through the sand about 1-2 inches behind the ball and ensure a full follow through.

The key to hitting bunker shots is to be confident and let the sand push the ball out, don’t try to hit the ball.


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